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July 12, 2018
Number of Reviews : 7
Updated: February 21, 2008

 Best Teeth Whitening Product Reviews


This site was established to rate, review, and compare the various "Teeth Whitening" products sold on the internet. I quote the word "Teeth Whitening" because not all of the products reviewed actually whiten your teeth! Yes, they are all marketed as teeth whiteners, but not all of them are, in fact many are just gimmicks that range in price any where from $10 to $1000! The fact is that some teeth whitening products do actually work! The problems is cutting through the hype to find out which ones are real and work, which ones are real and kinda work, and which ones are just overpriced gimmicks!

That is exactly the purpose of this website, as I was in the same position you are in a year ago when I first heard about all the new teeth whitening methods in the fashion magazines and on TV. I wish there was a site like this a year ago, so I could have cut through the hype, and just purchased the one that actually delivers results. All in all, I think it was worth it, as I now know first hand what WORKS and what DOESN'T, and if you're like me, you wouldn't mind trying a few different products to find that one product that can dramatically enhance your smile, confidence, and overall appearance.

I honestly never thought that increasing the brightness of my smile a few shades would make much of difference in my overall look, but now I can't imagine going a day without my favorite teeth whitening product. Ofcorse, I never had a terrible smile, just some very slight discoloration (probably caused by my little Starbuck's habit), but nothing major. I never received compliments about my "about average" smile, and if I ever did catch a compliment, it was usually the standard "beautiful eyes" line. But now after 4 months of using my favorite teeth whitener, I get 2-3 compliments a day about how "nice" my smile is from both men and women. I also seem to be getting kissed by my boyfriend a lot more often (always a good thing)... So, here are my honest teeth whitening reviews:


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My Number One Pick:
Celebrity Sexy Teeth is the winner, too bad I didn't find it first. I first heard about this product when E! News recommended it in their Spring Style picks last year, and so far I must agree with E! that this is the best Teeth Whitener on the market. The difference with this Teeth Whitener is that you get both short-term and long-term whitening as it works with both the inner and outer enamel. Aside from the scientific reasoning, the results are absolutely fabulous,, and unlike other products, there was NO sensitivity! In addition to delivering a whitening effect that the others just can't compare to, it also happens to be quickest, cleanest, and least expensive method I've tried. I absolutely love it, it only takes a few seconds to get your teeth perly white, and there's no mess or pain. Using this product, I was able to move up 7 shades, and once my boyfriend saw me using it, he started using it and saw an improvement of 9 shades!
Runner Up:
Britesmile was the first teeth whitening method I had ever tried. The old BriteSmile commercials really got me excited about teeth whitening. When I first tried Britesmile in 2003, I was pretty happy with the results as I saw an improvement of 7 shades, however I wasn't so happy with the $600 bill. There was no pain during the first 40 minutes, but the last 20 minute session was borderline intolerable as my teeth became super sensitive. I reluntantly tried Britesmile again in early 2006 when the price had dropped to $400, and saw an improvement of 6 shades this time. Britesmile definitely works, however, aside from the hefty price, you're also instructed not to eat any "colored" foods for the next 3-4 days (that means you can only eat cottage cheese and cauliflower for 96 hours! Uhh! )
GoSmile is another popular teeth whitening product. GoSmile is fairly effective, and like Celebrity Sexy Teeth, does not cause tooth sensitivity. However it only gets 3 stars as I only saw on improvement of 4 shades with GoSmile versus 7 shades from Celebrity Sexy Teeth. I do however love the way GoSmile is packaged, I just wish their product was a bit more effective.
ZOOM Teeth Whitening gets 2 stars because it does work fairly well (I saw an improvement of 5 shades), but it's way too expensive at $1000-$1200, and it causes extreme tooth sensitivity. Two of my friends that tried ZOOM also complained about terrible tooth sensitivity for days after the treatment.
Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus are Crest's fifth attempt at making a decent teeth whitening product. After using this product for 3 weeks, I did see an improvement of 2 shades. This falls under the "teeth whiteners that kinda work" category so it is only recommended as a back up when you run out of Celebrity Sexy Teeth or GoSmile. The only reason it gets 2 stars is because it's the only product you'll find in the drug store that will give you any results, just not much at 2 shades.
Crest Whitestrips Supreme are one of Crest's earlier teeth whitening products that was heavily promoted on TV commercials. Unfortunately, this product simply does not work. ZERO shades of improvements after using this product for 2 weeks. Worse yet, it causes slight tooth sensitivity! No wonder Crest had to come out with several new versions after releasing this ineffective product! Complete waste of money!
Same as above, Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips are a little less expensive than Crest Whitestrips Supreme, but again simply do not work! Still a waste of money. Not recommended, read above.



Last Words:

For women wanting to enhance their appearance, a good teeth whitener is a must! Women often underestimate the importance of having a brighter smile. Aside from your eyes, which first impression characteristic do people usually remember about you? Think about it! A whiter, brighter smile equals youth and friendliness! If you're reading this, I'm sure you feel the same way. That's why I tried all of these Teeth Whitening methods, and since I know which ones worked for me and which ones didn't, I figure I should let everyone know. It's my way of giving you some good info, getting back at the products that didn't work, and thanking those that worked for me. As said above, I completely recommend Celebrity Sexy Teeth, it's a potent Teeth Whitener that works. Britesmile is good too, but is pricier and not as effective. Both come with a money-back guarantee, so your best bet may be to try both and stay with the one that gives you the perfect smile!









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