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FAQ 2003

GreenCard FAQ



The green card entitles you to stay in the USA without time limit and to work there.

Who can participate...?

On principle everybody can participate. You should have at least two years of vocational education or a comparable high school degree (e.g. senior technical college final or secondary school final). These qualifications have to be proved in case of winning a green card, but not for the application.

Any person born in one of the following countries is not eligible: However, it is possible to participate, if one parent or the partner was not born in one of the following countries: People's Republic of China, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, El Salvador, Colombia,  Haiti,Jamaica, Pakistan, Great Britain without Northern Ireland, and the Dominican Republic.

New : Persons born in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan, and Northern Ireland are eligible to apply


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How do I benefit from the green card...?

Make your dream come true! The green card is the indefinite work and residence permit for the United States of America. USA, the country with unlimited possibilities! The economy is booming and the costs of living are low. Real estate prices and tax rates are attractive. The conditions for setting up a new business are ideal. Since 1991 the US government draws 55000 green cards every year.

If you are interested: in living in the USA in the future, in working in the USA, in staying there for a long period of time, in studying in one of the renowned US universities (you save more than 75% of the university fees), in further professional education, in spending your retirement in the USA, in running your own business,

you should apply now for a green card.

 Apply: click here!

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How can I increase my chances of obtaining a green card...?

If you win a green card, your partner and your children, in case the latter are under 21, get as well all its benefits. So if you apply separately, your chances double!

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What happens if I do not want to go to the USA immediately...?

On principle the green card is valid a life long !

In case of winning, you will have to enter the USA at least once and latest until the end of the year 2004, but you will not be forced to stay there for a long time. The current US immigration laws will obviously apply additionally to it.

(If it is so far and you win a green card through us, we will be glad to advise you and we will obviously help you for free in the further contact with the US authorities).

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Which other possibilities are there to receive the green card ... ?

Generally it is almost impossible to receive a green card unless you invest at least one million dollars in the USA or you have first-degree relatives there; and even this procedure takes several years.

Beyond the DV Program, it is almost impossible to obtain a green card.

Do you want to invest in the USA and therefore receive the green card for sure? Through the Investor Visa (IV) Program you will obtain the green card for sure! You will be astonished about how easy, fast and safe the way to the green card through investment is. If you want to know more about it, we will be glad to send you the corresponding information. Click here to receive the Investor Visa documents.

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We take care for you of all the necessary formalities and ensure that your application will be acknowledged by the American authorities.

Last year 43.6 % of the applications were submitted inaccurately and were therefore unfeasible for the draw. This happened because they often did not fulfill the rigorous formal demands. In order that this does not happen to you, we revise your application on the basis of the current guidelines of the US authorities, we bring it to the USA by using our personal couriers, and we ensure that it is acknowledged.

You will not only receive a confirmation of the forwarding from us, you receive a notary confirmation of your application!

In case you have won, you will also be informed directly from us and you will receive the forms translated into your language. The further correspondence will run over the American embassy in your country; when it is so far, we will be pleased to help you with it.

In case it does not succeed at once, we will also inform you about further programs; with us you are always up-to-date.


 Apply: click here!

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