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GreenCard Application


Green Card Application

Green Card Application process with GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET

Green Card Application process is the process where a person who is not a United States legal resident and wishes to move to the USA, applies for a permanent residence card (Green Card).

Click the following link for your application to the official US government Green Card lottery with GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET.

The most popular way of getting a Green Card USA is by submitting a Green Card application through the official US government Green Card lottery (the DV lottery program). The official United States government Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Lottery or DV lottery is a program that provides an official USA permanent lawful residence card and status (green Card) to 55,000 non-USA inhabitants a year. The green card lottery winners and their immediate families can legally live, work or Study in USA permanently.

The Green Card application process and other United States Immigration and Naturalization related issues are handled by USCIS (visit the official page here). GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET , company was found in 2008 for the purpose of assisting non USA inhabitants to simply immigrate to United States, by offering a hi-end Green Card application service that checks the Green Card lottery application and makes sure that it is of the best quality possible. We will guarantee that your submission contains all that is required by the USA government, and that it will not get disqualified because of errors and problems in the green card application procedure.

You can get more information about our services in GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET 's pages on, USCIS or and WWW DV LOTTERY STATE GOV. GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET site contains information on immigrating to United States, information on living in US, tips for immigrants and an easy to use green card application service for the Green Card lottery.

The green card application is simple and straight forward and can be filled at any time (in the official USA websites, applications can be sent only when the registration is open). 


To start your green card application now

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U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery is free on the U.S. Government site. Their site doesn't review nor notify applicants if their entries are disqualified. We guarantee correct and qualified entry.












Private Entity
GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET  Organization is now accepting applications online. GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET Organization, as a nongovernmental entity providing a value added service for the registration to the DV Green Card program, will forward your registration directly to the US State Department site.

The DV lottery is open for registration at no cost only during the annual period in the official website which you can find here

Some of our benefits:
  • We submit your application on time and for multiple years,
  • We help you complete your application correctly and upload your photos;
  • We give you the official submission confirmation.

    Click here to read the benefits of registering with GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET

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    GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET Washington DC , USA , is a non-government organization that provides payable consultancy service for people who wantto get professional help to participate in and not to be disqualified from the Official U.S. Green Card Lottery program. the official site accepts applications for free but without help, consultancy or support.

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