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Immigration & Naturalisation

Immigration and Naturalization

Immigration and Naturalization in the USA:






Immigration and Naturalization is the name of the American procedure of assimilating in the USA - in other words; the arriving to a country or nation, different to the country of birth, with the intent of becoming a legal citizen of that country. GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET offers its customers a professional USA Immigration services. Our services are recommended for customers who are interested in moving to United States. GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET will assist you in receiving your American Green Card and in other steps in the process of immigration to United States.

The INS - Immigration and naturalization service is the name of the former American agency responsible for the US immigration process; responsible for dealing with all Immigration and Naturalization issues; handling immigrant's applications for permanent US residency card - Green Card, for giving a safe haven or political asylum to people who are prosecuted in their birth country for issues which are legal in United States, for granting USA citizenship and for other Immigration issues. This agency ceased to exist under that name and its responsibilities were transferred from the Department of Justice to the:

  • USCIS - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - permanent residence, naturalization, asylum, and other functions
  • ICE - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement - investigative and enforcement functions
  • CBP - U.S. Customs and Border Protection - border functions (Border Patrol etc.)

GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET offers an Immigration and Naturalization service that helps inhabitants of countries from all over the world to effortlessly immigrate to USA legally, by providing a quality services that reviews your Green Card Application and checks that it was done properly and without problems which can get your Green Card application disqualified. GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET's website and services include Immigration and Naturalization service, information on residing in United States, aids for immigrants including language translation tools for many languages, computer programs for learning to speak, read and write English, USA immigration books and more

GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET offers Green Card lottery service that signs you up to the official USA government DV lottery - Diversity Visa Lottery. Click for Green Card Lottery submission or learn more about the USICS - the US immigration agency



U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery is free on the U.S. Government site. Their site doesn't review nor notify applicants if their entries are disqualified. We guarantee correct and qualified entry.



 The Service USA State Department Website GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET Website
  Registration Available all year round
  Equal chance to all participants to win
  Free of charge
  Registration 365 days a year
  Free airline ticket to winners to come to the USA
  Sending photos by post mail
  Allow uploading photos
  Update of photos at anytime
  Notify winners by regular mail
  Notify winners by phone, email and fax multiple times
  Update of contact information at anytime
  Multiple years submission
  Online support by experts
  Check of final Entry Form by experts before submission

Official U.S Government Program - This Green Card Lottery Program was established under the immigration and Nationality Act and was approved by the U.S Congress. Read the official act from the State Department 



U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery is free on the U.S. Government site. Their site doesn't review nor notify applicants if their entries are disqualified. We guarantee correct and qualified entry.




Private Entity
GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET  Organization is now accepting applications online. GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET Organization, as a nongovernmental entity providing a value added service for the registration to the DV Green Card program, will forward your registration directly to the US State Department site.

The DV lottery is open for registration at no cost only during the annual period in the official website which you can find here

Some of our benefits:
  • We submit your application on time and for multiple years,
  • We help you complete your application correctly and upload your photos;
  • We give you the official submission confirmation.

    Click here to read the benefits of registering with GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET

  • Link to Official Website:


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    GREENCARD-LOTTERY.NET Washington DC , USA , is a non-government organization that provides payable consultancy service for people who wantto get professional help to participate in and not to be disqualified from the Official U.S. Green Card Lottery program. the official site accepts applications for free but without help, consultancy or support.

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